Steam used for secondary heating like Coils, vessels, heat exchangers etc, generate a lot of condensate post heat transfer. This large quantity condensate can handle by the Inverted Bucket Trap.This condensate has a substantial heat component with cost tagged to it. Also this is treated and pure water and can be used as Feed water for the Boiler, saving the cost of heating, Water Bill and Treatment chemicals.

Therefore it makes sense to recycle / reuse this condensate. This function is also done by the Inverted Bucket Trap, which works on the principle of Buoyancy, [densities difference of Water and Steam].The rising in condensate level fills and envelopes the Bucket causing it to sink which open the mechanically linked valve and discharges the condensate, and reverse,   when the level of condensate drops Steam enters the bucket, causes the flotation of the Bucket which close the valve and stops condensate discharge & traps the steam.

  • MOC: CF8M
  • Available in Sizes: 15 mm – 25 mm
  • End connections: Universal connection to be mounted on ITVS
  • Available for working pressure up to 40 bar and Differential Pressures up to 32 Bar